Memories of a lifetime await.

Konnichiwa. We're Zelek International.

We are a full-service, experiential travel company that provides travelers with unforgettable experiences in Asia that can only happen through our exclusive network, expertise and intimate, local knowledge.

We pride ourselves on offering exclusive, one-of-a-kind experiences you simply will not find elsewhere.

We go for client delight. Not just the sights.

While anyone is able to find the major sights with their smartphone, we offer you a once-in-a-lifetime experience by helping you access a side of Japan you and your traveling party will love.

Whether it is a unique and unforgettable culinary journey, a personalized city tour or an afternoon roaming a wasabi farm or vineyard, our passionate and knowledgeable team will partner with you to create moments and memories you will cherish forever.

Ways to travel with us.

Tailor-Made Travel

Discover not only the Golden Route of Japan, but other regions through a unique and customized itinerary curated by one of our experienced Travel Advisors (TAs). Your TA will partner with you to design and build a trip that is tailored to your specific interests, preferences and goals. From recommending the perfect accommodations to lining up unique experiences, discover the best of what Japan has to truly offer.

Personalized City Tours

Connect to the heartbeat of Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka through an intimate and immersive half or full day tour with a passionate and knowledgeable local guide. Each one of our guides will accompany you on a journey through the city's most impressive sights and hidden corners, sharing insights and moments you may otherwise miss by yourself.

Exclusive Cultural Experiences

Enhance your trip to Japan with unique and unforgettable experiences that immerse you in authentic Japanese culture, history and traditions. Whether it is a Japanese knife workshop, traditional tea ceremony, private art gallery viewing or culinary lesson with a renowned sushi chef, we'll ensure your experience is one-of-a-kind.

Private Day Trips

Elevate your travel experience by going on a unique and personalized excursion of Tokyo's immediate surroundings while deepening your understanding and appreciation of life outside of the hustle and bustle. Accompanied by an expert guide who has extensive knowledge of the local area, enjoy a walkthrough of a wasabi farm, sip wine near Mt Fuji, or try your hand at shinrin-yoki ("forest bathing).

Exclusive Group Journeys

Our hand-crafted signature journeys offer our travelers a unique way to see a side of the country that most tourists cannot access. Join one of our seasonal trips led by an experienced Trip Director, trusted local partners, and guides who will open doors and guide you from start to finish. Exquisite accommodation, fine dining, and unique day activities makes this a very magical way to experience the country alongside like-minded, responsible travelers.

Virtual Travel Advising

If we have learned anything in the wake of COVID-19, it’s that the internet is full of information – but often lacks credible knowledge. Navigating and sorting the sheer breadth and depth of options can be time-consuming and headache-inducing. Allow us to help simplify your planning process by scheduling a 30 or 60-minute Zoom session so you can feel more confident in making decisions during your trip-planning process.

Our network

For over 20 years we have built a robust and comprehensive network of partners, suppliers and locals who we continue to nurture and strengthen our relationships with in order to provide our clients a truly immersive, authentic and memorable travel experience.

What clients have to say

Magical Japan!!! ZI planned a fabulous trip to Japan for my husband and I. We only had a short period of time (6 days) to fly to Tokyo and see Kyoto and Hiroshima. Lauren and her team curated our itinerary, let us know exactly how to book our train tickets, suggested itinerary, found amazing hotels -- especially the boutique hotel in Kyoto -- and gave great restaurant recommendations! We were lucky enough to be there during the peak of the cherry blossom blooms -- and it was just magical! I would highly recommend utilizing their services if you are traveling to Japan!

Jen Morris

Executive Director at Denver Economic Development & Opportunity

What clients have to say

Tokyo was the city for the 2020 Summer Games, and there was huge worldwide interest in visiting for the Games and the country to gain a unique cultural experience, much like I experienced in 1964. If you are contemplating visiting Tokyo for the Games or just want to experience the real Japan, Terry and I would highly recommend that you work with ZI to greatly enhance your travel experience, enjoyment of a wonderful city and a beautiful country.

Jim Bregman

1964 Bronze Medalist, Judo

Leesburg, VA USA

What clients have to say

We had never visited Japan before and Lauren and her team helped make it a trip of a lifetime for us. We needed to coordinate things before with phone calls and communication that we weren’t prepared to do. She recommended places that we certainly wouldn’t have known about and put together an itinerary that made our travels easeful and fun!

Robyn Dino

Denver, CO USA

What clients have to say

ZI will offer you a made to measurement “off the beaten track program” of Tokyo according to your interests and time available. Lauren the Founder has loved Tokyo since her childhood and she speaks Japanese which facilitates logistics tremendously. With her enthusiasm, lively personality and down to earth approach, I enjoyed her guidance in helping me discover Tokyo at my own pace.

Willem van der Zee

Founder, Willem & TOO

Brussels, Belgium

What clients have to say

When you visit a new place you want to feel the vibes of the city. You want to find all of the small and hidden gems. You want to meet the local people and hear amazing stories. The best restaurants, bars, views, and experiences. Take my word for it...finding all of those things by yourself is impossible. That is why we use ZI anytime we travel. If you want to spend time with an amazing company and really understand the heartbeat of a destination, call ZI.

Adrian Larrea

Co-Founder, Tribucha

Cary, NC

What clients have to say

Throughout our trip planning process, ZI was professional, reliable and remained available for us while we were in Tokyo. When we arrived, there was a welcoming hand-written note on our dining table, with names of the Founder's favorite restaurants and cafes in the neighborhood to help get us started on our adventure. This visit was just weeks after Japan re-opened during the Covid pandemic and ZI was on top of the regulations and what was going on — their knowledge was very helpful and reduced the stress of travel during the pandemic.


What clients have to say

Lauren and ZI provided me with so much information and guidance as we prepared for the 2020 (2021) Games. Thanks!

Robyn Raboutou

Mother, Brooke Raboutou, American professional rock climber

Boulder, CO USA

What clients have to say

Had an amazing experience with ZI in Tokyo. They helped us plan an amazing day that was beautifully executed with their guide, J. Could not have been better. Highly recommend!

Andrew & Amy Slutkin

Baltimore, MD

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