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All eyes on Japan

After a two-year hiatus and some of the strictest border controls on the planet, the Land of the Rising Sun is finally planning on re-opening its borders to the world sometime this fall

The move comes after the country began trialing small-group tours of triple vaccinated tourists in June, all of whom where monitored by escorts and not permitted to venture outside of their organized itineraries.

The first independent travelers to Japan will experience something that hasn’t been observed for decades: Japan without crowds of tourists, the yen being at a multi-decade low, and local destinations ready to welcome responsible, conscious travelers.

Is Nihon next on your list?

Go beneath the surface

From the vast wilderness of Hokkaido down to the tropical beaches of Okinawa, traveling to Japan is an experience like no other. While we love the famous sights, it’s the bullet trains, melt-in-the-mouth sushi, relaxing onsens, and the special, local interactions that get us going.

Whether you’re into food, culture, history nature, art, or fashion, allow our team help you not just get the pulse of Japan, but hear the true heartbeat.

Ways to travel with us

Tailor-Made Travel

Custom created journeys, made just for you and your party. Your Travel Advisor will take the time to get to know you and your goals, help pick the perfect accommodations and experiences, and provide candid advice and recommendations.

Private Local Tours

Intimate and immersive tours by locals who cater to your curiosity and vibe. Our network of passionate and knowledgeable guides will give you the insider track on their city's multi-faceted history and culture, sharing insights and moments you may otherwise miss.

Exclusive Journeys

Join one of our iconic group trips and discover Japan in a unique and hyperlocal way. Your Trip Leader will open doors and guide you from start to finish with with help from local partners and guides, courtesy of our 20+ year longstanding relationship with Japan. Exquisite accommodation, fine dining, and unique day activities makes this a very special way to experience the country with like-minded, conscious travelers.

Virtual planning & advising

Whether you need help with an ERFS visa or just want to plan a trip to Japan for when it opens, we can help. Schedule a 30-minute or hour-long Zoom session with us where will walk you through the general travel landscape and engage in Q&A to ensure you feel set and supported for your trip.

Tokyo was the city for the 2020 Summer Games, and there was huge worldwide interest in visiting for the Games and the country to gain a unique cultural experience, much like I experienced in 1964. If you are contemplating visiting Tokyo for the Games or just want to experience the real Japan, Terry and I would highly recommend that you work with ZI to greatly enhance your travel experience, enjoyment of a wonderful city and a beautiful country.

ZI will offer you a made to measurement “off the beaten track program” of Tokyo according to your interests and time available. Lauren the Founder has loved Tokyo since her childhood and she speaks Japanese which facilitates logistics tremendously. With her enthusiasm, lively personality and down to earth approach, I enjoyed her guidance in helping me discover Tokyo at my own pace.

Willem van der Zee

Founder, Willem & TOO

My daughter qualified to compete for Team USA in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo in August of 2019. I started working with Lauren (ZI) to make travel arrangements to attend the Games when my daughter would be competing and plan a side trip to experience the culture of Japan outside of Tokyo. When the Olympic games were cancelled to foreign spectators in 2021 Lauren went to bat to procure as much refund as possible from the airfare and the hotel. The team’s effort was invaluable to us!

We had never visited Japan before and Lauren and her team helped make it a trip of a lifetime for us. We needed to coordinate things before with phone calls and communication that we weren’t prepared to do. She recommended places that we certainly wouldn’t have known about and put together an itinerary that made our travels easeful and fun!

Robyn Dino

Denver, CO

Lauren and ZI provided me with so much information and guidance as we prepared for the 2020 (2021) Games. Thanks!


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Heading to Japan this summer? Download our e-guidebook which includes an overview of the current domestic situation and entry guidelines.


While our journey with Asia really began back in the early 2000’s, it was the 2016 Summer Games subsequent summer in Colorado Springs, CO that really got us started as an international travel company.


With international tourists being denied three spring seasons in a row, join us on an immersive, women's-trip to various regions of the Japan this upcoming April/May.

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