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For pure relaxation? To trek in remote and undiscovered places? To eat like a local? To learn about history, culture, and others? Or, just importantly, to develop a deeper understanding of yourself in the world?

Think of us as your travel guides, curators, and matchmakers. We go way beyond what you see online, offering first-hand insights, experience and the "human touch" to fulfill your travel dreams, from A to B to Z.

Our commitment to responsible travel alongside delivering the best possible travel experience for you is the reason we're here. And we're thrilled you dropped by!

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The travel landscape has changed and by the time the sun comes up tomorrow, the odds are the game will have changed again. Allow us to offer our 15+ years of collective experience to help.

Work with a Travel Advisor who will take the time to get to know you and your goals in order to design and curate a personalized itinerary from A to B to Z.

Connect with a Travel Advisor who can help guide your travel planning (or rebooking) process.

Our Guides, passionate and knowledgeable locals, are ready to lead you on a unique adventure, sharing insights and experiences you may otherwise miss on your own.

Go on an ultimate group or family trip. From planning tools and logistics to cultural orientations, we'll help design and coordinate a trip that satisfies different budgets and preferences.

How it works

The last two years of the global Covid-19 pandemic has shifted our priorities as conscious travelers. Now, the first thing we want to know about our intended destination is how to ensure a memorable, hassle-free trip that works for our individual travel styles and trip goals.

We get it -- navigating all the new international travel protocols and systems ahead of/during a trip can be a lot. That's why we provide you with the most up-to-date insights and guidance while carefully paying attention to your ideas to design and build an exceptional travel experience.

Whether you are interested in a private culinary experience, a remote island adventure, or a much-needed wellness retreat, we'll help you dream, design and fulfill your next trip.

When you visit a new place you want to feel the vibes of the city. You want to find all of the small and hidden gems. You want to meet the local people and hear amazing stories. The best restaurants, bars, views, and experiences. Take my word for it...finding all of those things by yourself is impossible. That is why we use ZI anytime we travel and look forward to working with the team on our first trip to Japan. If you want to spend time with an amazing company and really understand the heartbeat of a destination, call ZI.

Adrian Larrea, Co-Founder, Tribucha

ZI will offer you a made to measurement “off the beaten track program” of Tokyo according to your interests and time available. Lauren the Founder has loved Tokyo since her childhood and she speaks Japanese which facilitates logistics tremendously. With her enthusiasm, lively personality and down to earth approach, I enjoyed her guidance in helping me discover Tokyo at my own pace.  

Willem van der Zee, Founder, Willem & TOO

Lauren and ZI have provided me with so much information as we head into the 2020 (2021) Games. Thanks!

Robyn Raboutou, Mother Brooke Raboutou, American professional climber

As a coach preparing athletes for a shot at Tokyo, I learned so much about Japan, and truly appreciate the work and passion of ZI in preparing even athletes and/or coaches for travel—being well equipped with and understanding of customs and traditions that are deeply rooted in Japanese culture.

Aman Anderson, Head Coach, Beast Fingers Climbing



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Mother Earth offers a incredible diversity of landscapes, cultures and experiences waiting to be tapped. From feeling the energy of Japanese temples and shrines to enjoying a leisurely coffee at an outside cafe in Paris, we'll help make you make your trip a story to tell for years to come.

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A few words about us

In 2003 our Founder journeyed across the pond to live in Japan, where she discovered how much she loved connecting with Japanese people, experiencing their food and culture, and learning about their rich history. It was this decade-long experience, and other ones in Asia, that formed a gradual and deep appreciation for understanding cultural differences, customs, traditions and lifestyles between the East and West.

Following the 2016 Rio Games and leading up to the 2020 Tokyo Games, we worked closely with our partners and guides to offer our clients immersive, culturally-sensitive and respectful trips.

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