Japan travel is back! Starting 11 October, Japan is allowing short-term visitors to enter without a visa. Learn more here.

Virtual travel advising

Expert advice,worry-free planning.

How we get from A to B to Z in our diverse world is rapidly changing. In addition to new entry rules and protocols, there’s constantly changing information from a variety of sources. That sometimes makes planning or adjusting a trip stressful and time-consuming.

That’s when the power of the human touch can help.

Armed with the latest, up-to-date information about your destination, we work with you to navigate today's fluid travel environment and provide the best information, options, and recommendations. With years of experience living and/or traveling in throughout Japan, we offer virtual travel support no search engine can provide.

Suffering from information overload or just too busy to start?

A 30-minute Zoom meeting is all you need to get started.

From high-level (when to go and how to make the most of your trip) to granular (the best accommodation, transportation and dining options), we'll help you answer all the questions about visiting and experiencing Japan. From train logistics to navigating cultural differences, our decades-long experience can make all the difference between a mediocre trip and once that is truly exceptional.

We charge $150 per hour for our professional travel services. So a 30-minute Zoom session is just $75.

Experience more clarity and human connection

Some questions you may have include:

  • What is my health risk? Do I need a health certificate?
  • Do I have to wear a mask on public transportation?
  • Where can I get medical support?
  • Where should I stay? Dine? Visit?
  • What's the best way to get around?
  • What should I know about the culture, customs, and how to be a culturally sensitive and respectful traveler?

I worked with ZI after my daughter qualified for the Summer Games in Tokyo. It was a dream come true for our family. My Travel Advisor, Lauren, helped me figure out the best places to stay and how to get tickets for the Games. She also provided amazing support when the announcement came that we would not be able to attend. She is caring and well organized and if I ever need help with a trip I would work with ZI anytime!

Cathy Condie

Mother, Kyra Condie, American Professional Rock Climber


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