Thinking about a Christmas trip or a skiing holiday? Maybe you’re already hatching ideas for travel in 2022…

Travel insurance protects your financial investment in an upcoming trip as well as your health and safety while traveling. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, comprehensive travel insurance wasn't at the top of list of considerations for travelers.

The pandemic led to some sweeping changes in the insurance industry, underscoring the importance of clear and full understanding of coverage on the part of the traveler. And still, COVID remains a threat to derail even the most detailed travel plans. As a result, we enthusiastically endorse the following travel insurance providers and can advise on the best option for you and your party (we do not provide quotes or manage claims on your behalf, though.) Finding a good policy in these times is a must, but it may not be as straight forward as it seems. Check out our top travel insurance plans below!


Travelex provides solid coverage for a wide range and variety of trips. In the event your trip is canceled or interrupted for a covered reason, you are able to receive reimbursement for the related costs incurred. The company has a solid reputation, and kids under 18 are covered for free when traveling with an adult who is covered.

Pros: Good overall trip insurance, Relatively inexpensive, Kids under 18 covered for free when traveling with covered adult, Good customer experience, Cancel for any reason option, No deductible

Cons: Needs higher emergency medical coverage limit


Redpoint offers coverage for higher dollar trips (Travelex maximum amount covered per person is $10k) as well as medical evacuation (vs treatment at the nearest hospital) which can be important when traveling to more remote locations.  

Pros: Good variety of options (coverage to remote destinations & luxury destinations), Medical & security evacuations, Good customer experience, Cancel for Any Reason option, No deductible

Cons: Can be costly for those seeking budget-friendly coverage

Travel Guard

Travel Guard Deluxe offers up to $100,000 in emergency medical coverage, including coverage for COVID, per person. They also offer solid trip cancellation/interruption coverage and a “cancel for any reason” option.

Pros: $100K in emergency medical coverage (includes COVID), Good overall trip insurance, Relatively inexpensive, Cancel for Any Reason option, No deductible

Cons: Very solid overall policy and not much to dislike

Important Considerations.

Travel insurance must be purchased within 14 days of a payment of deposit for travel or purchase of flights for the most complete coverage, including that of pre-existing medical conditions. ​If you opt not to purchase travel protection within 14 days of a deposit payment, that serves as acknowledgement that you have been made aware of the availability of travel insurance coverage and have either purchased elsewhere or expressly declined to purchase and fully understand the implications of traveling without travel insurance coverage.

It is extremely important, and solely the client/ traveler's responsibility, to review coverage prior to purchase so you understand what is covered and how the coverage may apply to your particular trip. ZI is not able to provide any explanation of benefits or interpretation of policy or coverage whatsoever.  Clients must work directly with the travel insurance company on any explanation of benefits and should do this prior to purchasing.

In the event of an incident or claim, our team will provide supporting documentation as necessary including planned itineraries, confirmed travel arrangements, and payment made. Also, there may be documentation required (such as letters from medical professionals in the event of trip cancellation for medical reasons) that the client will be responsible for obtaining.