Japan travel is back! Starting 11 October, Japan is allowing short-term visitors to enter without a visa. Learn more here.

Tailor-made trips

Design & plan your trip with a trusted Travel Advisor.

Ready to starting planning your experience to Japan and/or Asia the way you desire?

We get it. The shear breadth of information to track on the internet can be overwhelming and challenging to sort through at times. What you had hoped to be an enjoyable evening of planning your next holiday can quickly turn into hours of simply trying to keep up with items like safety protocols and new ways of moving around, leaving you wondering if the trip is worth it at all.

That's where the power of a Travel Advisor (TA) moves mountains.

While travel is more complicated that ever, a ZI Travel Advisor is your best advocate and partner to ensure that you end up with an amazing trip, not a dreadful and unfulfilling travel-planning experience. And the benefits exceed well beyond the stress-inducing planning: industry experience, knowledge, connections, and a human heart that cares.

More so, while you are busy in your day-to-day life (or daydreaming of your next trip), our TAs check restrictions and regulations, monitor the news, and report daily with various suppliers and partners, including airlines, lodging providers, and locals in our growing "glocal" network.

If you're like us, you want to travel at your own pace, see the highlights, but also go off-the-beaten-path to see the real life experiences that you won't find in a search engine.

We'll work closely with you to design and create a tailored trip that satisfies different travel styles, preferences and goals.

You dream, we define.

You relax, we orchestrate.

We design, and you fulfill.

Let's get started.

Step 1:

The coffee date

We want to get to you and your party. You've dreamed up an idea of visiting Japan, and we're eager to know the reason why you want to go. Are you celebrating a special occasion with your family or embarking on an outdoor adventure with friends? What excites you? What hits your heart? What kind of experiences will make visiting meaningful for you?

Building a successful relationship from the beginning is what separates us from everyone else, so imagine this stage is like having coffee together or a first date. This is our konnichiwa.

Prior to our call, please complete our client questionnaire which will gives us a general idea on your intended departure, timeline, party and budget.

Step 2:

Here starts the magic

After spending some time getting to know you we'll match you with one of our very own Travel Advisors (TAs) there to guide you through the ins-and-outs of the country. From the tricky logistics and cultural differences, to the best restaurants and local experiences, they will offer candid advice and recommendations while helping build a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your party.

As with seeking out any professional service in life such as an accountant or financial advisor, this is a very bespoke, creative and organized process. Once paperwork has been signed and our custom trip design deposit is received, we'll work with our local teams to stir up a custom itinerary just for you. We'll then provide you an initial proposal which we can build upon to ensure we get all those personal details right.

Step 3: Time to attune

From here we want to know, "what's good, bad, just okay?" Our goal is to fine-tune each detail to the precise sound you like to hear, while communicating with our partners and on-the-ground guides about the specifics of your trip. Throughout this grace period, you'll have direct access to you TA and our team via phone/email.

Step 4: Confirmation

Once you are delighted with the aesthetic of your plan and ready to lock it in, we'll ask for your official sign off and collect payment information, which varies according to where you're going in Japan, your party's preferences and the experiences you choose. We can help button up additional details such as transfers, dining, and where to buy the best sushi.

Step 5: Support

As you trip draws near, we understand a few thoughts may pop up. "What travel procedures do I need to follow? Where can I get the best medical support in case of an emergency? How do I pack for the weather? What should I be aware of in terms Japan's customs and traditions?"

With your TA's first-hand knowledge and experience, they can answer any questions in a pre-trip orientation via Zoom which we'll coordinate on our end 3 weeks prior to departure. Our supportive hands are available to you and we'll be sure to check in a few times while you are on your trip as we'll be eager to hear how it is going!

Step 6:

Stay connected

This has been an enjoyable process for us and we're excited to follow your journey! Please take a moment to connect with us on our social platforms and tag us during special moments on your trip! #responsibletravel #ZI

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Step 7:

Share your story!

You've landed back home safely, rested your head on you own pillow, and your heart is full of special moments and memories you'll never forget. We'd love to hear about them! Please share your experience with us on our reviews page. With your permission, we'll also share your experience with our travel community across our social channels.

Our travel approach

From the vast wilderness of Hokkaido down to the tropical beaches of Okinawa, traveling to Japan is an experience like no other. While we love the famous sights, it’s the bullet trains, melt-in-the-mouth sushi, relaxing onsens, festivals and heritage that get us going.

Whether you’re into food, culture, history nature, art, or fashion, let our team help you not just get the pulse of Japan, but hear the true heartbeat.

We had never visited Japan before and Lauren and her team helped make it a trip of a lifetime for us. We needed to coordinate things before with phone calls and communication that we weren’t prepared to do. She recommended places that we certainly wouldn’t have known about and put together an itinerary that made our travels easeful and fun!

Robyn Dino

Denver, CO


Ready to get started?

We're excited to learn about more about you and your intentions to visit and experience Japan!