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Our difference


& responsible travel.

Since the beginning, responsibility has been at the core of what we do. From designing custom trips to leading exclusive journeys, we incorporate culturally-conscious and sustainable tourism principles into the way we provide our travelers with an authentic, Japan experience.

For us, it's about the attitude you take and the choices you make. Before embarking on a trip, do you learn as much as possible about your destination's history, culture, natural environment, customs and traditions? Do you use public transportation or walk where convenient? How about investing your travel dollars in the local community?

ZI prioritizes making a real difference in Japan by educating our clients on these matters, as well as designing and operating trips to feature local suppliers and ways our travelers can give back to the local community.

When you travel with us, you'll leave lighter footprints, invest your dollars in local economies, and experience different subcultures and traditions with the connections you'll meet along the way.

Our responsible policy

Giving back

to local communities

We develop meaningful partnerships with Prefectural Tourism Bureaus and suppliers that prioritize their community and environment, as well as have strong governance over their initiatives. Our team also employs predominantly local guides (or suppliers who employ locals) and encourages our clients to purchase from/use local suppliers.

Respecting cultures

ZI is an advocate for promoting and acting on culturally-sensitive, meaningful exchanges between our clients and the Prefectures they visit. We do this through observing and respecting local customs, religions, and etiquette, emphasizing appropriate dress standards and the local way of life, and representing our partners in a fair and respectful way in our communications.

Preserving the environment

Our team aims to contribute to the preservation of natural and built environments we interact with, and reduce the negative impacts our operations may have on the local community. We'll encourage our clients to use local eco-friendly transport where safe and feasible, minimize their waste and water usage, and understand the environmental problems and opportunities of the Prefecture(s) they are visiting.


for minorities

As a female-founded company, we are big on supporting Japanese women and children, ensuring they be treated with dignity, equality, freedom and respect. From supporting enterprises run or staffed by women, to promoting credible organizations that safeguard children and their development, we are constantly on the look out for partners and Prefectures that share similar values.

Need more guidance?

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