Private Trips

In-depth explorations of far-flung destinations.

If you’re like us, you enjoy traveling at your own pace, with family or friends of your own choosing. This is in stark contrast to joining a travel company that offers guided vacations on tight schedules, in the company of 20 strangers and seeing the same old spots that contribute to overtourism.

We design and coordinate tailored experiences to unique destinations that satisfy different travel styles and preferences. From the beginning, we forge a lasting, one-on-one relationship with you so that you'll receive the same level of hospitality and service if you choose us for your next purpose-driven trip .

Step 1: The coffee date

We want to get to know everyone in your party. What excites you? What hits your heart? What kind of experiences make travel meaningful for you? Prior to our call, please complete our traveler form so we can have a general idea on who's traveling, your timeline and the budget you have in mind.

Of course, we'll ask you specific questions but during this step we're eager to know the reason why you are traveling. Building a successful relationship from the beginning is what separates us from everyone else, so imagine this stage is like having coffee together or a first date. This is our konnichiwa, our bonjour, our hola. This is our foundation.

Step 2: Here starts the magic

After spending some time getting to know you, we're eager to collaborate and build a once-in-a-lifetime trip for your party. As with seeking out any professional service in life such as an accountant or financial advisor, this is a very bespoke, creative and organized process. Once your client service agreement has been autographed and deposit received, we'll assign you a personal Travel Advisor who'll start researching and proposing some amaZing opportunities. We'll provide you an initial proposal through a private mobile app, which we can build upon as the conversation continues. Throughout this process, you'll have direct access to your Advisor via the app and our team by phone/email.

Step 3: Time to attune

During this stage we'll walk through your itinerary and ask you to share your thoughts -- the good, the bad, the "okay..." Something not quite right? Our goal is to fine-tune each detail to the precise sound you like to hear, while ensuring our travel partners and on-the-ground Guides are there to ensure your trip is flawlessly executed.

Step 4: Confirmation

Once you are delighted with the aesthetic of your trip and ready to lock it in, we'll ask for your official sign off and collect payment information, which varies according to where you're going and what you'll be experiencing. Depending on your trip and service selection, we can help button up additional details such as transfers, dining, touring and other custom experiences. The end result will be a trip that completely captivates your imagination and fulfills your goals.

Step 5: 24/7 support.

As you trip draws near, we understand a few thoughts may pop up. "What travel procedures do I need to follow? Where can I get the best medical support in case of an emergency? How do I pack for the weather?"

With your Advisor's first-hand knowledge and experience, they will answer any questions and even share a few personal recommendations of their own. Still have a lot of questions about your destination, its culture, customs, and how to be a sensitive and respectful visitor? We offer pre-trip cultural orientations via Zoom for your party to hash out the important details. Our supportive hands are available to you around the clock!

Step 6: Let's connect

This has been a fun process for us and we're excited to follow your journey! Please take a moment to connect with us on our social platforms and tag us during special moments on your trip! #responsibletravel #ZI

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Step 7: Share your story!

You've landed back home safely, rested your head on you own pillow, and your heart is full of special moments and memories you'll never forget. We'd love to hear about them! Please share your experience with us on our reviews page. (Don't worry there are detailed instructions there to help guide you through this process.) With your permission, we'll also share your experience with our travel community across our social channels.


Going LUXE allows our clients to experience our hallmark blend of insider access and high-end style on a deluxe trip planned, curated and arranged for your party. From arrival to departure, every detail is considered and consciously thought through. Each potential travel disturbance is anticipated. And every effort is made to ensure a seamless and unmatched travel experience. We arrange a number of VIP services including:

Private jet/ business class airfare and transportation
Luxury accommodations & off-market residences
Private concierge/local host
Private chefs & entertainment

This team surrounds you in a bubble of safe, hyperlocal awesomeness no matter where you are on the globe. Lauren, the owner, is a warm, approachable, down to earth adventurer who adjusts her travel rhythms to those around her. She moves at your pace. Her attention to detail is quite something. I’ve never felt more comfortable when traveling domestically or internationally.

Austin Macfarlane, Founder & CEO, My Girl Friday