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As an experiential travel company founded by a globetrotter herself, we consider travel as an indispensable aspect of a happy and successful life, especially when you can give back and make a difference in the destinations you visit. A zest for travel is contagious, opens our perspectives, and inspires us to seek better understanding of our diverse and complex world. Whether you love planning a trip or showing family and friends around, make ZI the next stop on your career journey.

Travel Advising

We're a global organization of dedicated travel professionals and Guides with a single goal: to help our clients realize and live the travel dreams of a lifetime on each and every trip we create, while consciously and responsible giving back to the destinations we go. We’re looking for people determined to chart their own course to success, and to help us write the next chapter of the ZI journey.

Design, curate and orchestrate responsible travel experiences
Apply your destination knowledge and travel experience
Work from anywhere


We are seeking part-time and full-time Guides to support our growing clientele seeking an intimate, local experience. If you are in Japan, another part of Asia/Southeast Asia, or in Europe, we want to speak with you!

Flex hours
Practice your language skillz
Introduced passionate travelers to your city/neighborhood

Our process.


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Apply on our website, including all the pertinent information that will allow us to learn more about you and your unique story! Once we receive your application, you’ll be hearing from our team about setting up an initial call.


LINE Interview | Zoom Interview

During this time, we want to learn all about you, your past, your passions and goals, and any unique skill sets you think you can bring to enhance someone’s travel experience. What do you love about your city? What gets you excited about its future and the future of travel? What questions do you have about our team? We'll cover these questions here.


Commitment Agreement

If energies align, we’ll be dialoguing back and forth with you about our clients and the opportunities they are offering through their travel experiences with ZI. We will then send you a commitment agreement outlining our relationship and benefits (see below) as well as begin crafting a portfolio which you can add to and leverage for future employment opportunities.


Are you a passionate traveler seeking flexible hours, fair and equal pay, leadership opportunities and stimulating travel experiences?

In-person & remote

Nothing beats the option of working at home, on the road or in the field. We pride ourselves on the ability to design and create exceptional human travel experiences from wherever we are, whether 10,000ft in the air or at sea level.

Equal opportunities

Diversity and inclusion has always been at the forefront of everything we do. Through COVID, we have committed to increasing employment opportunities for humans who love travel, from expanding our number of female Guides in Asia to doubling the number of TAs here in the U.S. by 2025.

Referral bonuses

We love travel and this amaZing community! For those you'd think would fit right in, please send them our way. If they end up working with one of our clients, we'll be sure to send you a special bonus.

We also take health, hygiene and safety very seriously.

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