Diving in Bali. Tuk tuking in Thailand. Shredding pow in Japan... or the Swiss Alps.

Since the beginning our team has forged lasting, one-on-one relationships with locals throughout Asia and develop a robust tour-operator-support network. Our first ever group tour was in 2018 where we led 25 U.S.-Japan Council members on an Olympic-themed tour throughout Tokyo. Now, we are excited to be expanding our range and offering seasonal group trips to American travelers.

Each trip is accompanied by a Tour Director and/of Resident Local who has either visited your destination or has lived there for decades. They'll share their unique understanding of daily life as well as the local culture, history, cuisine and unique experiences you can tap into.

The result?

An unforgettable journey that consciously and responsibly connects you to the local moments and connections you're seeking.




Japan during the spring for hanami, aka “cherry blossom viewing,” is the perfect time to be in the country. Depending the weather, each March/April we we coordinate and run a women's trip to Tokyo, Takayama, Kanazawa and Kyoto to experience and take in the different shades, hues and colors of sakura. We consistently monitor the official Cherry Blossom Forecast across the country and communicate with our local Guides to ensure we are in the prime spots for ideal picture taking and soaking in the energy and meaning of sakura.


Longer days and the urge to vacate takes us to Southeast Asia on a voyage of discovery, soaking up culture, history and revelling in the flavors of the region. There are only a handful of holiday destinations that have bearable weather this time of year, which is why each August we journey to Bali, a destination that promises a winning dose of culture, soft white beaches, tantalizing seafood and luxury experiences.


Autumn in Japan is about crimson leaves and comfortable weather. As the country begins to cool down and trees turn vivid hues of red, orange and yellow, we journey from Tokyo to Mt Fuji to Kyoto on a week-long trip to enjoy its glory. There are a host of traditional festivals and events, as well as fall illuminations, natural hot springs, and local delicacies you won't want to miss during this special time of the year in the Land of the Rising Sun!


Thanks in part to super cold winds that blow across Siberia and pick up moisture over the Sea of Japan, did you know that Japan receives copious amounts of snowfall each season? With its growing infrastructure, remote resorts and ski culture, it has become a top ski and snowboard destination for winter sport enthusiasts around the world.

Each end of January to early February our Tour Leader guides a group of avid skiers and snowboarders to some well-known as well as hidden resorts throughout the country. Whether you have an Epic or IKON pass, you can enjoy world class resorts as well as escape the crowds and enjoy untracked powder at smaller resorts, both of which receive up to 50 feet of snow per season.

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We believe a small group size can make a big difference, hence why we keep our seasonable journeys intimate and no larger than 12 people. This opens up a world of insider access opportunities that are unavailable to larger parties, and enables deep interactions and moments with your Tour Director and fellow travelers.


Most of our group journeys can be made private and customizable to you and your party. Whether you are interested in being led by one of our Tour Directors or doing the trip with just your party, we offer our insights and expertise to help coordinate experiences that satisfy different budgets and preferences. Add to your itinerary with an extension, whether a ready-to-book cultural experience or a custom private extension through our insider network.

This team surrounds you in a bubble of safe, hyperlocal awesomeness no matter where you are on the globe. Lauren, the owner, is a warm, approachable, down to earth adventurer who adjusts her travel rhythms to those around her. She moves at your pace. Her attention to detail is quite something. I’ve never felt more comfortable when traveling domestically or internationally.

Austin Macfarlane

Founder & CEO, My Girl Friday


What makes us the top choice for conscious travelers?


We keep each and every interaction, from our VTA sessions to guided tours, intimate, educational, and oriented around a well-defined community with its primary focus directed toward the concerns of the population in that community.


We believe that every traveler is a steward of the world and that being a good one means being sustainable, respectful and conscious in how we choose to travel and interact with the destinations and communities we visit. 

See the Whole Picture

Our team recognizes that most travel by its nature does not just involve industry businesses, but the destination as a whole—its ecosystems, natural resources, cultural assets and traditions, economies, communities, and built infrastructure.

We also take health, hygiene and safety very, very seriously.

Calling All Powder Hounds!

Ready to get our of the country to shred this or next winter season? Download our Switzerland Winter 2021-22 Digital Guide or Japan 2022-23 Guide, both of which highlight our favorite resorts and towns, as well as Covid travel information and guidelines!