Exclusive group journeys

Connect and engage on a deeper level.

There's something about traveling with like-minded others, fostering camaraderie and creating lasting friendships.

Our seasonal small group journeys allow you to sit back, relax and see a side of Japan that most tourists cannot touch. Each trip we offer is thoughtfully designed and arranged to provide you with the finest, authentic experience, all of which offer the same amazing benefits: the leadership of a knowledgeable Trip Director, who helps guide the journey from start to finish; unparalleled insider-access experiences, courtesy of our collective 20+ year relationship with Japan; and the support of our extensive and robust networks.

What makes our journeys unique.

One of a kind itinerary

Once a quarter our team comes together to brainstorm, design and build an exclusive, one-of-a-kind itinerary focused on a particular region of Japan or around a specific "theme." We then extend invitations to these trips to a handful of clients and travelers.

Knowledgeable tour director

Discover Japan's best sights, tastes and experiences while getting the inside track on the country's multi-faceted and layered culture. Each of our Tour Directors has first hand experience living and/or traveling in Japan and will accompany

All logistics handled

From arriving at the shinkansen platform right on time to squeezing into an exclusive 10-person only restaurant, we coordinate all logistics with our exclusive partners & suppliers to ensure an efficient, smooth journey

The right accommodations

& cuisine

From distinguished international and Japanese hotels to charming ryokans, our exclusive selection of properties are personally visited and chosen, ensuring the very best Japanese omotenashi (hospitality) during our journey. We also introduce you to both traditional modern dining experiences through world-class chefs and restaurant owners, allowing you to discover the rich and varied nature of Japanese cuisine.

Insider-access experiences

Japanese culture offers a big treat for one's imagination which is why our team is passionate about identifying novel, highly-sought-after cultural encounters. Whether its spending the day at a samurai residence or learning about modern architectural masterpieces while walking the streets of Tokyo, we provide unique opportunities to indulge your interests in the true context of Japan.

travel that gives back

For us, it is not just about the places you visit -- it's how you experience them and leave a positive, lasting impression and impact on the community. While it's up to each one of us to be responsible travelers, we make it easier by integrating sustainable travel fundamentals into each and every one of our seasonal trips. Throughout our journey we give you the tips and tricks to mindfully invest your travel dollars in local businesses, leave a lighter footprint, and show respect and cultural sensitivity for the Japanese way-of-life.

Upcoming journeys.

Best of Japan

12 days | October 2023

Experience a magical time when nature's beauty flourishes and Japan embraces a sense of tranquility and appreciation for the changing seasons. See shades of red, orange, yellow and gold across the country while enjoying gastronomic delights and seasonal activities. Starting USD 10,000.


10 days | February 2024

One of the most significant aspects of winter in Japan is the abundance of snow. Experience a unique blend of snowy landscapes, exciting winter activities, vibrant festivals, comforting cuisine and soothing hot springs. Starting USD 8,000.

Sakura Awakening

14 days | March - April 2024

Springtime in Japan is a beloved season when the country comes alive with vibrant blossoms, pleasant weather, and a sense of renewal. Experience the iconic "sakura" (cherry blossoms) plus lively festivals, culinary delights, and the emergence of new life. Starting USD 12,000.