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North America

North America is a fabulous continent full of beautiful natural and man-made destinations to explore. As the "new frontier," millions of travelers worldwide visit each year to discover historic sites, natural attractions, and many other cultural landmarks.

  • Stay at a hot spring 1800's ghost town set in an extraordinary alpine valley in Colorado.
  • Discover fascinating stories of the Gold Rush and experience Alaska's moose and Northern Lights.
  • Explore ethnic and cultural diversity in bustling Toronto or French-speaking Montreal and Quebec.
  • Surf heavenly waves and enjoy beautiful beaches, waterfalls and jungles in Hawaii.
  • And that's only the beginning...


As the world's largest continent (in terms of both size and population), Asia offers an incredible diversity of landscapes, cultures and experiences. Most travelers initially visit to be exposed to the unique history, food, and culture, but return to discover a new side to their souls or spirituality practices.

  • Watch a Michelin-starred sushi chef deftly slice and dice fresh fish at your table in Southern Japan.
  • Pause for thought, meditate, and reflect at thousand year old Buddhist temple in India.
  • Enjoy sweet lemongrass scent during a pampering Thai massage.
  • Dig your toes into the sandy beaches along Bali's coastline.
  • And that's only the beginning..


Quintessential Europe offers stunning views, rich cultures, and opportunities to enjoy the sweet delicacies of life and a slower pace of life. Wherever you go, in our opinion this is the best place to disconnect to reconnect.

  • Discover fascinating stories of medieval castles in Germany.
  • Ride bikes along the city walls in Luca Lucca or vespas around romantic Tuscany.
  • Indulge in a therapeutic Swiss massage or hike along pristine lakes in Switzerland.
  • Go out to eat delectable tapas in and order a glass of cava in Catalonia
  • And that's only the beginning...